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The past three weeks, we have been focusing on the core principles of our faith in God and how we exhibit those principles. In my first “blog” I discussed the temptation that we are all exposed to, whether it is personal, to gain power over others or twisting God’s word for our own benefit.

The second week, we considered how we are models for Christ. Are we committed to Christ and to serving out our baptismal covenant?  How do we show that outside of the church building?  How do we exhibit that when times get tough?

Last week, we discussed God’s Positioning System (GPS) and how we are to make the right turn to God. We considered how He leads us to develop and use the gifts He has given us and our potential as His representatives here on earth.  We know we aren’t always perfect, but God offers us “repentance”….the change to take the “right turn”.

The text for March 6th considers the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32).  Please take a few moments to read this selection and see if you can discover some “new” concepts that you haven’t considered before.

We all know this story…maybe too well, sometimes. Do we really know that the “father” talked of in the parable is God?  Do we sometimes go to God asking him to give us what we think we deserve?  How about the older son?  Do we sometimes feel we are entitled to certain things and then complain (whine) when we don’t get them?   How unusual was it that Jesus included the pigs in the story?

How do you picture God? How do you view the people around you?  Do we view them as equals and as gifts from God?  After all, He has created us all!

God desires reconciliation for us. He also desires that we are dependent on Him.  God wants us to return to Him.

We can be reconciled because of the grace He gives us!  As a good reminder….listen to “Amazing Grace’…or read the words.

Blessings to you all!

Pastor Julie


March 2016


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