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Tuesday morning of this week was the beginning of a difficult day! The first thing I hear on television is the bombing in Brussels.  The second thing I hear about is the death of two UIU students in West Union on Monday night.


As I went downtown for coffee, I found out that the students were sorority sisters and fraternity brothers of some of the students I know. The students were stunned and trying to come to terms with the happenings…just as I was.  All I could do for them was to hug them…tell them they were loved and that we were praying for them.


Then…all day long, I was reminded that this was a difficult week for Jesus, also. He was facing harsh words, beatings, false accusations, being turned over to the authorities by one of his own disciples, a cross of thorns and the cross.

I was also reminded that He ate with his disciples the night before the culmination of the week to tell them that by becoming a part of Him…they would be saved. It is this same promise that we experience every time we take communion.

Then, I was also remembering that Jesus IS risen! There is hope.  I prayed that God hold all of those hurting in Brussels in His hands.  I prayed that the families and friends of the young people be held in God’s comforting arms of love.  I prayed that our country be held close to God as we face the debilitating rhetoric we are hearing right now.

Christ IS risen! We ARE saved and have eternal life.  We need to remember that and be able to convey that message to everyone we meet.  God loves us!  Jesus loves us!  The Holy Spirit helps us every day!

Blessings to all of you as we continually remember CHRIST IS RISEN!!!

Pastor Julie


March 2016


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