Therefore Go!

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One of the many discussions and resolutions at the General Conference this past week regarded Licensed Local Pastors being able to wear stoles or NOT wear stoles.  The Book of Discipline was “upheld” that LLP’s are not to wear stoles.  Here is a posting from a LLP from Facebook in reaction to some of the comments regarding this regulation.  I rather agree with this LLP on his “take” on the issue.  What do you think? “…I will tell you about my stole..I was sitting behind the parsonage by an alley when a man walked across the grass and asked if I was the pastor. I didn’t quickly look around to see if an Elder was standing behind me…I said…Yes, I’m the pastor…He introduced himself as the only homeless Man in town…although I noticed before…He lived in a coal shoot across the street at an abandoned granary..He had no way to prepare food…to keep food cold or make food hot..he had no stove or kitchen we all take for granted..he would take a bath under the town bridge in freezing cold water…fall was coming and nights were colder and he feared his death from hypothermia. I offered him a meal but he wouldn’t take it..I offered to buy him a take out dinner as he had not eaten in three days..I offered him some clean clothes of my own and he would not taken it…Finally…I removed the over priced Nike shoes I wore that were killing my feet…he refused, but I placed them on a dumpster….and told him those are yours if you want them..I said finally, I know what I can do for you…stand up and I will pray for you….I wrapped my arms around this homeless man and he put his arms around me…I started praying..Lord…help this man…place a roof over his head..allow him a kitchen to prepare his own meal…let him find a job and be in community with people to be his friends and neighbors….Lord let him have a place To wash clothes and to bath in warm water…I pray Lord your Holy Spirit is a test to the rest of us with closed hearts….Amen…we both stood there for a moment…crying in each other’s arms….Three days later, two Pastors had this great joy report about a homeless guy who was picked up by a group like Decolores…and invited him….and he said yes…He was later invited by these guys to their neighborhood clear on the other side of the state..they found him a job, an apartment…with a kithen, a bathroom with a shower..and a laundry……He took my Nike shoes and left his shredded ones by the dumpster nice and neatly tied…This is my stole! I sat there in my worn out jeans and a t- shirt….a pastor. I think of my Savior..He wasn’t asking for a robe…or a stole..He wasn’t asking for his sexual needs in who he was…all he asked and many times was…”How may I help you!” Not himself….his lavish life style won him a crown of thorns…try wearing that people…I did’t say yes because of what I wanted…but because of who’s feet Jesus wants me to wash….We represented to the world…a church…not of injustice…not a church to help the poor…and the poor was represented there…not a church to discuss the imprisoned and it was there…but a church claiming we’re being treated unfairly by our rules! Our Lord and Savior was a sacrifice for us all…when do we become the sacrifice? Only when our need are met? I love this Church…and I know God can handle this! ” Our Lord can handle everything and is...

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