Being a Samaritan

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This morning, during church, I alluded to an example of a group of people being Samaritans to a woman who was in trouble. This incident was told on the NBC evening news this morning. A woman and her four year old son were just outside of where the sniper was shooting at policemen. She was hit in the leg and fell on the ground to shield her son. Several people who were policemen saw this happen and surrounded her. To complicate matters, her teen-age son had become separated from his mother and was noticed by another person who took him “under her wing” until they could locate his mother. All of these people were featured tonight…under the early comment by the newsperson of people who were Good Samaritans to the mother and her sons. It was so good to get the details of what I briefly saw last evening…and to realize how completely all of those people were examples to everyone of “being a Samaritan”. So often we want to “do” the right things…having control of our own actions. However, we do not earn our way into eternal life by doing the right things. Jesus teaches us (through the Samaritan) that BEING something is living the way of Christ for the transformation of the world. The policemen in Dallas were moved to change their plans and protect the woman and her sons. They didn’t walk away to the other side of the street. They saw fellow policemen shot while they were protecting her….and yet they stayed by her side. How are we “being Samaritans”? We may not ever have to be in the middle of a volley of gun shots to being a Samaritan to someone….but there may be other places in our life where we have the opportunity to show someone Jesus’ love. We are challenged to live as disciples every day at home, in our neighborhoods, cities, towns, churches. How can we offer love and mercy to all of God’s children? Pastor...

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