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Why do we have to always “judge” people on a decision they have made when it doesn’t involve us at all? Why do we have to “separate” ourselves from others in our circle of friends, whether it be in our workplace or our church, when a situation someone was experiencing or trying to manage made their reaction to us a little different from a “normal” reaction?

Yes…much of the media of these past few months have made this type of reaction much more “popular” to all of us. For whatever reason, there has been a tendency for adults to act like small children…point fingers….made adverse judgments…whine…and not make decisions for themselves.

The question that arose in my mind yesterday was, “What Would Jesus Do”. We celebrated Pentecost Sunday on June 4th.  This reminds us that we have been given the Holy Spirit to guide us, strengthen us, and advocate for us in all situation.  Why?  Because we have been given the challenge by God to form disciples of Jesus Christ.

What would Jesus have done if someone spoke against him? What would Jesus have done if (and when) someone disagreed with Him when He was speaking?  What would Jesus have done if a person had appeared to have ignored him?

We are asked to form disciples for Jesus Christ. We need to think about these above questions at all times.  Yes…when we “slip” we are forgiven…and we can move on.

We are called to be “difference makers” in the lives of all people. How can you make a difference in someone’s life?

Please review this following diagram that I found on Facebook and adapted for our use.


Someone offends you (or me).
Tell people all about it Go DIRECTLY to God in prayer.
The listeners begin to think less of the offender God listens to me and give me a better perspective.
The others join me in speaking negatively about the offender I feel PEACE! The need to vent to others is gone.
I decide to not belong or go anywhere my “offender” may be. I talk with God and continue belonging to the organizations and forgive the apparent offender.
I have succeeded in creating division in relations, become more upset each time I repeat the event and deliberately disobey God’s word I have honored God by valuing unity over the temporary pleasure of gossiping and gaining sympathy from others. I will continue to forgive and work for unity

Dear Forgiving Lord….please continue to train and teach us as we do the work you have asked us to do in your world…to form disciples for Jesus Christ. Thank you for your love and forgiveness.


Blessings to you all..

Pastor Julie


June 2017


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