Opening our Minds

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Grace and peace to you all! It is always such a pleasure to prepare thoughts for us all to consider as we live in the world God gave to us. Welcome to the 3rd Sunday of Easter…not “after Easter”, but “of” Easter. Why this, you ask? Easter begins with Jesus’ resurrection and continues all year long…and especially in this strange year, we need this promise and celebration in thankfulness for what our Lord did for us. Easter gives us hope and reason to bring the good news to all of God’s people. The gospel lesson for this 3rd Sunday of Easter is from Luke 24:13-35. I always look forward to when it comes around in the “circle” of readings for our worship and consideration as I can just visualize what is happening when these men are talking and Jesus comes to them. In this section, we have the story of the Road to Emmaus. It is one of the many stories that Luke chooses to include in his gospel because he was looking toward bringing the word of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles. He included many of Jesus’ appearances after the resurrection as he realized that there were many experiences followers of Christ could/would have. The two men in our reading had just left Jerusalem on the day that Jesus had risen from the dead and had heard Mary’s message from the angels to tell the disciples He had risen and they were to go to Galilee. These two men were not in the locked room with the 11 disciples…they had been in the streets through the Passover celebration. At the point where this passage begins, these two were on their way to Emmaus, about 7 miles from Jerusalem. It’s entirely possible they felt a need to just walk a little to consider what they had heard and seen. This is not totally different from what we would also probably want to do. Clear our heads and reason out what had happened. While they were discussing the events of the past couple of days, a person joined them in their walk and asked what they were talking about. They stopped walking. Cleopas was surprised that someone would ask that question and thought this person was probably the only one who didn’t know what had happened. So, he went on to explain the activities of the past several days. Jesus was asking these men to expand the details of their conversation…tell more. Were they being a little like we often act? We are willing to talk about the “bare minimum” details and then make a judgment from that….be it true or false? Jesus began to tell these men that the resurrection was more than a vision that some people were saying it was. Jesus was telling them that the events of the past days were a reality. Another interesting fact of Jesus’ relating the events was that He tied the events to the Old Testament…the words of Moses and the prophets. These two men had heard the Old Testament prophets and Moses many times from their worship in the Jewish temple. The Old Testament foretold the events that took place there in Jerusalem. Page 2 Let’s look briefly at two verses that tells what the men may have heard and seen on Good Friday. The first verse is from Psalm 22:1 that says, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Where would these people have heard those words? Yes…from Jesus on the cross, namely in Matthew 27:46…when Jesus spoke those exact words in agony on the cross. There...

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