Preparing Every Day

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Dear Lord….Thank you so much for the many blessings to give us every day. We are grateful for our families, our friends, our homes, the care you give to us each day. Be with us as we continue to work through the many differences we have been experiencing these past months. Calm us to be able to do your work in your world. Our gospel for this morning is from Matthew 25, verses 1-13. At this point in Matthew’s gospel, Jesus is getting closer to the events of the week and days before his trial and his crucifixion. He is taking the time to talk with his disciples and the people around them…warning them, comforting them and challenging them. He is doing this teaching through parables.The parable we have to consider this morning is the one about the bridesmaids with their lamps and the bridegroom. Matthew begins our consideration with the words, “The Kingdom of heaven will be like this.” All of the parables in this section of Matthew are termed “warning parables.” Also, remember that the kingdom of heaven is God’s empire.In this parable, Jesus is represented by the bridegroom. The ten bridesmaids are following the groom as was a practice in Jewish times. They followed the groom to the house where the groom and the bride would be living with their lights.Five of the women following the groom were “wise” and five were “foolish”….as stated by Jesus. We find the foolish five had no oil in their lamps. Guess they weren’t prepared for what they were to be doing. The wise five had plenty of oil in their lamps as they also carried flasks of oil with their lamps so they wouldn’t run out. These women didn’t know how long it would take for the bridegroom to reach their location, so they had to be prepared for a long wait. The groom finally came nearer about midnight so the bridesmaids got up and lite their lamps. The foolish five wanted the wise five to give them some of their oil. They hadn’t bothered to go find more oil before, so now, they had to leave the group to go buy some more oil.While they were gone, the bridegroom arrived. Those who had their lamps lit were allowed to go into the wedding banquet with the groom. Then, the door was shut. When the foolish five arrived, they were denied entrance. The groom said he didn’t know who they were. And Jesus completes the parable with the words, “Keep awake…you know neither the day nor the hourNow you say…what does this have to say for us today. Yes…Jesus was telling a parable about being prepared for when He comes to earth again. But, there is so much more within this story. Remember when Jesus was talking in the Sermon on the Mount about “You are the light of the world.” We are to light the way to God for other people. This light represents a life of service and at times sacrifice. This light shows the people around us where we are centered. The light represents a life transformed by faith in Jesus. The wise five had prepared for the arrival of the bridegroom all their lives. The foolish five thought the preparation didn’t matter until the last minute. When the bridegroom arrived, the foolish five didn’t have anything to show that they belonged to him. They didn’t have anything to show of a life of living, giving, caring and hoping in the bridegroom. This parable is about those who have transformed their life by declaring and living...

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