Vines and Branches

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For this 5th Sunday of Easter, our gospel lesson is a familiar one from John 15:1-8. These verses record what Jesus said about being the True Vine.The first statement recorded by John in this section was “I Am”. Here we have another of Jesus statements about who He is. Here he says, “I Am the true vine”. Jesus is telling all of his followers who he really is and then illustrates his statement in the following sentences.In Jesus time, the people considered Israel the vine. The basis for their beliefs, actions, laws, etc. Jesus is countering that concept with his “I Am” statement. He’s bringing the story of the vine and branches more to the center of what his mission is about. Yes, some of the statements, especially related to verse 2 regarding branches that bear no fruit, are fairly pointed to the people that the kingdom they know and follow will not always be around. These people are not foreign to the concept of pruning trees that do not bear fruit. This is a common happening, even in our day. However, the concept of burning and destroying those branches that do not bear fruit has a deeper meaning in this passage.It is no secret that Israel is an unfaithful vine. The temple leaders are interested in their own good and not the good of others. In a general concept, Jesus is talking about the people of Israel as a group knowing that God is the vine dresser who will remove the branches that do not follow the True Vine. This is a way of stating that God will judge the people of Israel if they do not make the change and follow Jesus. We know that Jesus had spoken many times of the destroying of the Temple in Jerusalem…and this connects to that happening.However, in considering this passage, I discovered a more personal interpretation of the vine and branches. It is an interpretation that involves and talks to all of us. Yes…it’s different from how I have spoken of this text previously, but I am convinced that this is what Jesus was meaning when he was talking about this subject.I believe that Jesus is also talking specifically to everyone who follows Him. He’s talking to individuals who have said they are His followers and His disciples. In other words, the heart of the spirituality of all followers is their relationship with Jesus. Jesus IS the vine. The branches are all of us who are connected to Him through our commitment to be His disciple. We get our strength and our life in Christ from Him…through the blood He shed for us on the cross. We have accepted Jesus as our Savior. Just as we prune trees and plants to promote growth in them, Jesus also challenges us with things he wants us to do for people. How can we grow as His disciples? Study His word? Pray? Help our neighbor? If we refuse to do as He asks and separate ourselves from Jesus (our vine), we are removed. However, God will always accept us back, if we repent, ask forgiveness and promise to do as we are guided to do to bring the gospel to the world. If a branch does not produce fruit, it is thrown away. The concept of “bearing fruit” can be stated as love among the believers and bringing the gospel to God’s world. Our life and mission happen only because Jesus is within us, guiding and directing us. We have accepted Him into our life and He guides us to produce the fruit...

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